To say the technology and tactics there are merely schizo is

There are several ways to justify this; due to Lowered Monster Difficulty, the current villain usually Forgot To Level Grind while the heroes are out collecting 20 Bear Asses and are Gonna Fly Now thereby outclassing him. This at least provides an in story explanation for the Lamarckian evolution of evil from one bad guy to the next. In some cases the Big Bad the heroes defeated last time was actually a mere member of a powerful organization. The others can show up to avenge their fallen comrade, so now we have the previous big bad times two or more. One of the more realistic possibilities, albeit one that’s hard to justify in many stories, is a tournament structure, where the opponents become more formidable the closer the heroes get to the championship. In a series centering around military technology this can be explained by technological progress. The heroes will get new weapons, strategies, and better technology, but so will the enemy.

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Replica Handbags In short, this trope is about when the tactics have not adapted to the technologies currently in use, (or possibly vice versa) or are incredibly ill equipped to the situation at hand. Whenever it’s in effect, expect to see frustration from the average infantryman, denouncing the uselessness of a particular tactic or piece of equipment, and the eventual change in tactics. The part about technology is very much truth in television, just see the American Civil War and both World Wars. May overlap with We Have Reserves, if the previous tactics are old enough, and likely to be exacerbated or just made odder by its cousin Schizo Tech. Oh dear Lord, where do we even begin. To say the technology and tactics there are merely schizo is like saying GIR is “a little crazy”. You have roughly a million Imperial worlds, to say nothing of the various non Imperial worlds, each with differing technology levels ranging from stone age to incredibly futuristic, so the local militias are bound to be very different. The Imperial Guard does sometimes use mid 20th early 21st century weaponry and the like, and they’ve been flanderised by most media into using world war 1 tactics and We Have Reserves. a jarring example, but that’s not getting into the fact that they tend to use something like modern tactics in some of Sandy Mitchell’s novels, augmented by their laser and plasma weapons, and the rare bolter. This troper is not a Warhammer player, so if anyone could explain the IG’s tactics further it would be much appreciated Replica Handbags.

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