The Unfavourite: Tatsuya Well

Funny Background Event: During one of the cutscenes, while Mickey and Oswald talk about the Mad Doctor’s new attraction, Prescott is making an absolutely hilarious face behind them in the jail cell. Gameplay and Story Integration: The paint and thinner morality system has a very clever effect on the ending cinematic of the game. Depending on whether you used more paint or thinner to solve your problems, Mickey will instinctively spray the Mad Doctor with whichever you used the most of, resulting in a pivotal moment that completely changes the entire ending sequence. The Unfavourite: Tatsuya Well, Excuse Me, Princess!: Tatsuya and Minami’s relationship starts out this way. She treats him somewhat harshly because she knows he’s being lazy and immature on purpose. As he grows more mature and confident, this fades.

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