The big difference is the muzzle

The Cakes return, braced for the worst, but they are pleasantly surprised to see that their home is clean and sparkling with everything in its place. The Cakes apologize, complimenting Pinkie on how responsible she is, then ask if she’d like to be their go to babysitter on a permanent basis. Adult Fear: Two shown: When Mr. Cake tries to explain how two Earth ponies can have two foals, neither of which is an earth pony, he gets a very uncomfortable look. Clearly, one possible explanation for this has already occurred to him! note Though since Mrs. Cake is an Earth pony who has given birth to a Pegasus and a Unicorn, his explanation must be at least half of the truth. Unless their real father is a previously unheard of male alicorn. When Pinkie momentarily loses track of the foals toward the end of the episode. Any real parent could tell you how terrifying it is for their children to vanish, even for a few moments. It doesn’t help at all that one of the things Pinkie sees as she’s looking around the room is an open window. Art Evolution: Pound and Pumpkin are significantly different looking than the previous pony infant, who appeared in “The Mysterious Mare Do Well”. The big difference is the muzzle. Pound and Pumpkin look human in compassion. Babysitting Episode: The episode features Pinkie Pie eagerly wanting to babysit her bosses’ twin babies without understanding just how hard it’ll be. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Smells like somepony needs me to changey wangey their diaper wiper right now a wow.

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Replica Designer Handbags This trope describes the tendency of {{Love Interest}}s to be flat, static characters that exist [[CharacterAsDevice only as a goal for the protagonist to prove worthy of]]. It’s a SisterTrope to StandardHeroismReward; while marriage and heroism are often involved, neither are strictly necessary. This character exists specifically as a reward for [[CharacterDevelopment personal growth]]. Examples of a dynamic male protagonist becoming worthy of a static female love interest usually overlap with WomenAreWiser and MenActWomenAre Replica Designer Handbags.

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