Narrates in a couple Super Specials

Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness: Compared to its two sequels in the series, this game retains the most serious tone. The Smurfette Principle: Both factions have only one female character each, with Allies having Tanya Adams and Nadya Zelenkova representing the Soviets. Sure thing, this trope wouldn’t even be mentioned due to the game’s military nature, but when the female cast became bigger and bigger in the sequels. Spreading Disaster Map Graphic: Some game over cinematics following defeat during an Allied mission will show the red of the Soviet Union submerging the entire European continent as parading soldiers can be heard in the background. State Sec: The NKVD. In the manual, their troops alone number 7 million at the beginning of the war. Compare that to the Allies, whose regular and irregular forces number about 5 million total. Take Over the World: Downplayed, as the Soviets’ goal is somewhat more modest than taking over the entire world. It is Stalin’s objective to submerge all of Europe into the Soviet Union. Russia’s borders will stretch from coast to coast; for a united Russia is our destiny.

A highly successful and popular series of books aimed at pre teen girls, about a group of kids who run a club that offers their services as babysitters. The series was written by Ann M. Martin and published between 1986 and 2000. It also inspired a 1995 film, a TV series, dolls, 2 board games, 4 educational CD ROM games, a soundtrack and several spinoffs (as much as 4 graphic novels illustrated by Raina Telgemeier). Every story was told from the first person perspective of the protagonist, and began with a description of the rest of the club members. Dun dun dun. Eventually gets her own spinoff series. Narrates in a Super Special. Charlie Thomas Kristy’s responsible oldest brother, who often drives her and her friends around in exchange for gas money from the club dues. Sam Thomas Kristy’s second oldest brother, who often prank calls the club meetings and has a semi mutual crush on Stacey. Narrates in a Super Special. Karen Brewer Kristy’s little stepsister and a member of her softball team. Title character of the Baby Sitter’s Little Sister series. Jeff Schafer Dawn’s younger brother, whose homesickness for California and acting out was a running subplot between 9 15. Narrates in a couple Super Specials. Logan Bruno Mary Anne’s boyfriend from Kentucky and part time club member. Narrates two “Special Edition Reader’s Request” books and in several Super Specials. Shannon Kilbourne Part time club member and rich kid friend of Kristy. Narrates a “Special Edition Reader’s Request” book and in a couple Super Specials. Cokie Mason Popular girl who was a rival to most of the club, who often attempted to win Logan away from Mary Anne. Laine Cummings Stacey’s best friend from New York. Sunny Winslow Dawn’s best friend from California. A main character of the California Diaries series and source of much of the drama. Anna Stevenson Abby’s identical twin sister.

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