Insult of Endearment: Emma and Cristina tend to call Diego

Chekhov’s Gag: George stripping down whenever he’s alone with his statue. Daydream Surprise: The fantasy gunfight that opens the film. Cute Kitten: Charles’ obsession with the painting seems to stem from the cat featured in it. Knowing what to expect in terms of your projected financial outlays and establishing a realistic budget are key factors during the planning stages. Once you’ve covered the principal and associated costs of purchasing your property in St. Lucia, see below where I outline some of the basic costs of living you can expect in the three main categories of food, transport and shopping.. She even notes that she’s straddling him. It’s even this on an emotional level, as the only reason Julian’s wound was able to be healed was because his and Emma’s romantic feelings for each other enhanced the power of the healing runes. Insult of Endearment: Emma and Cristina tend to call Diego Rosales “Perfect Diego” because he seems to be good at everything, which they find highly annoying.

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