At 21:18 20th Dec 2010, goodegg wrote: Again the BBC fails to

What a relief it will probably be for the governor when indictments finally come down from the Bridgegate fiasco. Perhaps he can then pack off to the luxurious country club of incarceration, Eglin Air Force Base in Pensacola, for a happy sabbatical penance at golf and tennis, perhaps even a salubrious weight loss regime. It was Eglin, if you remember, where E. Howard Hunt and other Watergate conspirators did time for Haldeman, Erlichman, and Nixon’s undercover plan to deep six the Democrats. Fast forward to the vision of Christie emerging in the pink, hale and hearty, ready to boot lick again. Recruited to serve time in The Trumpmeister’s second and third terms. As Gabriel Garcia Marquez so beautifully put it: “He was the perpetual President with a fishbone driven through his soul.”

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Hermes Birkin replica Comment number 9. At 21:18 20th Dec 2010, goodegg wrote: Again the BBC fails to present all the facts and instead manipulates minds against a largely honest and dedicated sector of our community. So the bankers are overpaid? The UK stopped being a leading manufacturer a long time ago and focused on becoming a service provider industry, the Banks leading in this role. The government chose to deregulate, probably not a good idea. The banks drew in huge income for the UK and through deregulation handed over huge sums of money to the public. The public in turn spent the money (not the bankers on their own) and in the fulness of time we are where we are. How much do these bad bankers earn for the UK? Let’s see the BBC expose that. How much do top bankers in the UK earn compared to Geneva, Hong Kong, New York etc (vs their cost of living this needs to be a level playing field)? What about BBC reporters? You earn obscene sums of money also. and even fail to be objective in your reporting Hermes Birkin replica.

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