As each year passes the number of Telomeres base pairs reduces

When we are first conceived we have in our make up approximately 15,000 Telomeres by the time we are born there are only 10,000 base pairs left. As each year passes the number of Telomeres base pairs reduces by about 20 55 pairs and the more stressed out you are the more Telomeres you lose. At the stage when you only have between 3,000 5,000 pairs the cell will either die or become senescent and this in turn may result in chronic inflammation.. Convection Schmonvection: Lampshaded, then “justified” with the MST3K Mantra. Deadpan Snarker: Bob, being the most cynical character in the story. Delayed Ripple Effect: Changes to the timeline move forward at approximately the same rate as new pages are produced. Crapsack World: The world outside the great valley is extremely forbidding, stark, lonely and dangerous. At least in the earlier films. Daddy’s Girl: Cera’s shown to be closer to her dad, even when her mom was still in the movie.

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