Deer antler candelabras, candle holders, antler based lamps and exquisite table centrepieces are created from a natural renewable resource, cast deer antler. Deer antler has been used by man for tens of thousands of years through to the present day. It has been utilised for various kitchen implements, weapons, candle holders and numerous decorative artefacts.

Deer antler is one of the most remarkable biological creations known to science. During its initial growth period, the antler consists of blood and nerves and with the consistency of a fresh carrot, it is covered in a fine hair like growth. This hair type covering is referred to the antler being in velvet due to its similarity to the material, velvet, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Over a period of approximately three months, the immature growing antler Candelabras 051stops growing in length and proceeds to calcify as the blood supply reduces, finalizing in what is known as hard antler. It is at this time the stags enter the breeding season and use their antlers to defend their females from other suitors.

Miraculously, the time to grow a new set of antlers, whether for a young male deer or a large mature stag, takes the same length of time. A new set of antlers grow every year. The old set fall off as the new set grow from beneath.

Only the male deer of all species grow antlers, with the exception of Reindeer where the females also grow antlers.

Deer Antler Designs, specializes in using naturally cast antlers, therefore, there is no pain or stress inflicted on the animal, as we literally walk around the paddock picking up the cast antlers.

Wild deer are not native to Australia, but were introduced from Europe and Asia in the mid 1800’s,for the sport of hunting by the wealthy.

Like other species, for example, the fox and rabbit, deer have flourished in our native bushlands.

Candle holders 047Currently there are six different species scattered throughout  the bush in Australia. There are Chital, Fallow, Hog, Red, Rusa and Sambar. When deer farming was established in Australia during the early 1980’s, farmers started farming all six species and included a new importation, Wapiti/Canadian Elk.

Deer Antler Designs, create our exquisite Candelabras, Centerpieces and Table lamps, from mainly the cast antlers from Red, Fallow and Wapiti/Elk Deer.

Deer Antler Designs, create Candelabras, Candleholders , Table Centerpieces and numerous table decorations to suit the most discerning of buyers. The quality and uniqueness of our products ensure an heirloom to be past on for generations to come.