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All of our unique work is handcrafted by Steve in the inspirational atmosphere of a 100 year old shearing shed on our farm in North Eastern Victoria.

The beauty of our Deer Antler Design is further enhanced by the knowledge that no animals are mistreated or harmed in any way, as the antler re-grows and falls off the deer’s head naturally every year.

It’s this extraordinary and exquisite beauty which allows the range of deer antler designs to be admired in any situation – the rustic dining room, elegant lounge, modern apartment and even outdoor entertainment area.

For further information, please phone Steve or Linda on 0434 023 533 Don’t forget to leave a message as Steve is probably working hard in the shed creating new and more innovative Deer Antler Designs.

Candle-HoldersDeer Antler Design’s candelabras, candleholders, coat racks, lamps and numerous other unique pieces are made from totally naturally grown organic materials.

All of the actual antler is genuine natural deer antler, not to be confused with the imitation antler, manufactured out of resin, which is often passed off as natural deer antler.

For all our handcrafted candelabras, coat racks and lamps, jewellery stands and other creations we use the deer antlers off our own farm raised stags, which are specifically raised for their exceptional growth and style. These antlers fall off the deer’s head after 12 months, ready for the growth of the new set of antler.

Each piece of antler we pick up in the paddock, is then taken back to the workshop, where Steve studies its form and structure for it’s suitability for making into a specific piece , whether it be, candelabras, lamp bases, candleholders or coat racks.

No antler is wasted, and even the small single tyne antlers are used for hat racks and coat racks , where small coat hooks are required.

The enormous range of candelabras, centrepieces for tables, coat racks, hat racks, jewellery stands and book ends are all uniquely individual, just as each antler is individual in it’s shape. This ,therefore, guarantees the customer confidence in the fact that their purchase is a one of a kind and whether a set of bookends, coat rack, candelabra or candleholder, there will never be any two items the same.

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