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cheap jerseys Others say this certainly is a political campaign just not for elected office. From fake news to the way it moderates suspect content, Facebook has faced hefty criticism recently. Some pundits have suggested the recent moves are more about restoring public trust in Facebook. cheap jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys china And speaking of not seeing things coming, Mance’s army gets annihilated because Stannis rides up out of nowhere with a zillion horses. You know what could have prevented that? A single bird, glancing casually around the area every few days. It’s like Mance met this guy who can Quantum Leap into animals and he thought, “This will be so handy for bizarre sex and nothing else!” What is it with fantasy franchises and their refusal to use birds to easily solve problems?The First Order in The Force Awakens Dumps Their Troops Directly Into Enemy Fire Cheap Jerseys china.

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